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What Our Clients Say

"Britten is a uniquely talented dog trainer and behaviorist. I would recommend her to anyone. Britten gave my dog Pooka her total attention and they fell in love with each other. He was so eager to please Britten that he started obeying her commands instantly. Yes, within six sessions he was obedience trained and learned the correct ways to behave around other dogs. He even knows how to turn out the lights! We have to keep up the training ourselves, but it never would have happened without Britten's help!" -Gayle Sirkin, M.S.W.


"Just a few words to describe Britten: Wonderful. Amazing. Fantastic. She is kind, patient, and knowledgeable, and truly understands dogs on a level I have never seen before. Britten gave me the skill to continue the new and better behaviors she taught my dog. The improvement, by the way, was almost immediate-and I thought I had an impossible dog! As a result of her training, my entire family has enjoyed a calmer, more well-mannered dog, even in situations where she previously was out of control." -Madeline Masella


"I was skeptical about dog training, but when I came across The Happiest Dog on the Block website, Britten's education, experience, and positive approach impressed me. My Yorkie, Baby, was 8 months at the time, so we were dealing with typical puppy problems: House breaking, barking, hyperactivity, biting, and chewing.

Once the training begun, I saw results immediately. Baby stopped biting, chewed toys instead of furniture, and generally calmed down. Britten explains everything so well. She is very enthusiastic which in turn got me excited about training. Turns out it can be fun and not a chore! Britten comes up with simple, logical solutions that actually work." -Vanessa Van Ryzin


"Britten has been an absolute lifesaver. We adopted nine-week-old Miles Davis from the North Shore Animal League-unsocialized, severely malnourished, and carrying every infection in the book. Miles had one thing in his favor: A strong will. But as he grew in strength and size, his willfulness made him a stubborn, at times aggressive teenager. We tried several conventional training methods and Miles mastered sit, paw, and stay. His core behavior issues, on the other hand, remained.

One night after a 45-minute battle to get Miles in his crate, I frantically searched the Internet. Thankfully, we found Britten, who e-mailed back that same night. She quizzed us in detail about Miles, took on his training, and taught me to understand my dog's reactions. Already after her first session with him, we saw positive changes in Miles' behavior. Since she finished the program, we have been in contact if a new problem comes up, and Britten is always on top of it. She has become a great resource and friend to both myself and Miles!" -Corey Roggen


"When we got our new puppy, we thought training would somehow fall into place. The books we read made it sound easy. We soon found we needed expert help. Britten helped us tremendously with an organized training schedule and tips on how to use simple commands in different situations. She not only showed us how to train our dog, but gave us lots of valuable information about what works and why. Britten uses only positive reinforcement, and no punishment. Our family is able to relax more, and we are all happier." -Kim McGowan


"Britten was the most wonderful trainer and person to work with. Before she came into our lives, my 8-month-old French Bulldog, Boomer, took his stress at being separated from me out on my rugs, comforter, wood floors, etc. He cried whenever I left the apartment, and when I returned, he wouldn't leave my side even if I went to take a shower! Thankfully, I found Britten from The Happiest Dog on the Block. From day one, I knew I had made the best decision I could ever make for both Boomer and myself. With a treatment plan in hand and the knowledge I needed, I put Britten's plan into action. Now I have rugs on my floors again and a new comforter I no longer fear will be destroyed. Even better, I have peace of mind that my baby is happy and relaxed when I am away for a few hours. Thank you, Britten!" -Jess McCann


Darby"Though my dog, Darby, is the joy of my life, her aggression issues toward other dogs made her increasingly difficult to own. After a severe attack on another dog, I sought out professional help with the goal of better managing and better understanding Darby's aggression. I have owned Darby since she was 2 months old, and raised her in a stable, loving home, with consistent rules and even homemade dog food! I just didn't know what troubled her. I had dealt with Darby's aggression issues for years, loving the kind sweet dog she was inside my home, but dreading going out for walks. I didn't realize what a toll this stress was taking on me, until, after several weeks of working with Britten, that stress was gone.

How wonderful to have a grasp of the issues at hand and working on a realistic behavior management process. Britten's time and attention, plus the information and insight she provided every step of the way, have been instrumental in bringing about change. It is rare to meet someone as professional, organized, and intuitive as Britten.

The horror stories I'd heard about dog trainers dissuaded me for so long to seek help. But I can confidently say that nothing I experienced with Darby's program gave me pause for one moment, or has produced anything other than positive behavior. I am absolutely thrilled with the progress Darby and I have made, and so pleased with the impact it's had on my day-to-day life. Getting Darby was one of the happiest decisions I've ever made in my life. Partnering with The Happiest Dog on the Block is certainly a close second!" -Angela J. LeBedis


Boots"It's amazing how a cute, little puppy can set your nerves on edge when you have to clean up after potty accidents everywhere around the house-including your favorite rug! Fortunately, for me and the puppy, we called Britten for help! After she came to the rescue, I come home to a well-behaved and yes, potty-trained adorable pup. Now I can relax and actually enjoy this cute bundle of fur. Thank you, Britten, for making my life with my puppy easier and far more enjoyable!" -Mindy Ronn


Fenway"Working with The Happiest Dog on the Block, we learned the importance of trusting our dog and helping him learn how we'd like him to behave with others. It takes patience, consistency, and time for a puppy to learn and understand. Britten showed us what to do, how to work with Fen - repetition, setting expectations, and holding firm to rules. He's like a kid! Fenway is now doing really well. He is growing out of the puppy problems and is much, much better with people. Even my nephew, who is deathly afraid of dogs, and his little sister are comfortable around him now!" -Vicki Hall

To check availability or request information, please email info@thehappiestdog.com or call (321) 215-7041.

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