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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Personal In-Home Dog Training, Not A Dog Training Class?

We recommend personal dog training over classes because it is much more effective, fast, and reliable. A dog trained in and around the home - where the training counts the most - absorbs learning better because he is relaxed and free of the stress and distraction that accompanies unfamiliar classrooms or Board & Train facilities.

Further, he learns to apply the new behaviors to his home environment, which dogs don't automatically do and which doesn't happen with a class.

Finally, when you hire The Happiest Dog on the Block as your personal dog trainer, the work is carried out by an expert. We have in-depth knowledge of canine behavior and extensive experience training dogs of all ages, temperaments, and breeds. We tailor the program around your goals and wishes, taking into account your dog's personality and learning pace.

In summary, working with us is the shortest distance between you and a polite, happy, and well-adjusted dog.

That's where we come into the picture. We specialize in behavior modification-whatever the problem is, we can help.

What Is Socialization?

The developmental process through which puppies learn what is safe and good, and what is not. Any person, animal, object, smell, sound, or sight you would like your dog to calmly accept as an adult, she must be positively introduced to during puppyhood.

In no particular order, that might be: Other dogs, the groomer, toddlers, lawn mowers, garage doors, the neighbor's cat, teenagers, the vet and the vet's office, your car, the mail carrier, leaf blowers, escalators, being petted by strangers on a sidewalk, uniformed police, baby strollers, and so on.

Yes, it's a big task-and an urgent one too. Socialization has to happen between the age of 8 weeks and 5 months. After that, it becomes really, really difficult. But think of it as an investment in lifelong happiness for your dog (less fear, less stress) and enjoyment for you (less stress, less hassle).

(Socialization of adult dogs is not impossible, just harder. We have undertaken this work for many clients with great results, so if you have a fearful or standoffish dog, give us a call.)


Why Does My Dog...

Growl at me when I take his toy or try to move him off the couch?
Bark furiously at dogs we pass on the street?
Destroy things when I leave the house?
Shy away from people at the park?
Lunge at kids/men/skate boarders?

Aggression and other anti-social behavior can be scary, not to mention upsetting. The thing to remember is that, however human he seems at times, your dog is an animal. His behavior can be explained and it can be changed.

To check availability or request information, please email info@thehappiestdog.com or call (321) 215-7041.

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