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Our Services

Personal Dog Training

We specialize in personal dog training, which is private, in-home dog training, customized for you and your dog.


Here Are A Few Of The Many Things We Can Help With...

Good Manners: House-training (housebreaking), socialization, child-dog interaction management, polite greetings, pleasant leash manners, sit, down, stay, come when called, watch/pay attention, go to your bed, etc.

Bad Manners: Chewing, barking, jumping on people or furniture, begging, stealing food, pulling on leash, door dashing, digging, etc.

Behavior Problems: Territorial aggression, fear-based aggression, multi-dog household aggression, aggression to dogs or humans, excessive barking, separation anxiety, resource guarding, destructiveness, fearfulness, marking, house soiling, shyness, coprophagia (stool eating), etc.

Puppy Training: Through our Puppy Special OPS (Obedience, Prevention, & Socialization) program, we work on polite manners in and out of the house, puppy proofing your home (electric cords, furniture legs, baby gates, etc.), socialization (to people, other dogs, sounds, sights), alone-time and crate training, handling, soft-mouth training-everything needed to ensure your puppy grows into a courteous and well-balanced adult dog.


How It Works

1. We schedule an initial consultation. During this 2-hour meeting, we take a thorough history of your dog's development, socialization, medical issues, diet, exercise, training history, and any existing behavior problems. We discuss your goals and wishes for your dog.

2. We create a customized training plan. Taking into account your goals, your dog's temperament, and your lifestyle, we design a tailored training program.

3. We do the work. Our professional trainers work one-on-one with your dog 3-4 times per week, depending on the case. You're welcome to be present at the sessions or you can attend to work or run errands while they happen, it's up to you. At the end of each week, we have a handover session to show you how to maintain what your dog has learned.

4. We support you. From start to finish, we make training easy, practical, and stress-free for both you and your dog.


Why It's So Effective

Expertise-your dog is trained by a highly educated and experienced behavior modification professional.

Setting-in-home training is the least stressful way to train a dog, thus the most effective.

Relevancy-your home, the dog park, the neighborhood; training should take place where you need it every day.

Flexibility-if you prefer, you need only be there for the handover sessions, so our program fits into even the busiest schedule.


What We Charge

Initial 2-hour consultation: $175 (see above for How It Works)
Personal Dog Training Packages: $125/hour. Packages are customized to meet your training goals. Discounts available on all training packages.

To check availability or request information, please email info@thehappiestdog.com or call (321) 215-7041.

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